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What We Do: Office

The Wisconsin commercial real estate market is teaming with promising opportunities, with a rich diversity of properties to suit every kind of buyer, seller, landlord and tenant. It’s a dynamic environment, and our process is a reflection of that: interactive, collaborative and above all, hands-on. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, we’ll work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of short- and long-term growth goals to ensure that we’re always helping you maximize value.

Office Landlord Representation

For landlords and owners, Artisan Graham Real Estate's mission is to maximize your property’s value through quality exposure and strategic marketing. Based on current market conditions, we’ll help you develop a strategic positioning for your property.

Office Tenant Representation

Whether you’re expanding or relocating your operations, the Artisan Graham team can help you find commercial real estate space that suits your needs—whether traditional, creative, industrial/flex or even showcase retail.

Office Disposition

Have an office property to sell? The Artisan Graham Real Estate approach is both innovative and aggressive, employing our Full Spectrum Marketing Campaign to get your listing in front of the largest number of qualified real estate buyers.

Office Acquisition

When you engage Artisan Graham Real Estate Advisors to assist you with purchasing office real estate, it’s like getting instant access to our database—filtered through the deep industry knowledge of our expert brokers.

Build-to-Suit Properties

Can’t seem to find the perfect space for your enterprise? Artisan Graham Real Estate has helped many clients create their ideal office environment with a build-to-suit project. Because sometimes the best way to get exactly what you want is to build it!

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