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What We Do: Land Brokerage

South central Wisconsin, most notably Dane County, has experienced a major development boom in recent years, with news reports covering a constant influx of new residents and employers—and Wisconsin land sales experiencing steady growth across all sectors. Now, with Madison being recognized as one of the "up and coming tech cities in the country", many investors are planning for increased demand by buying or selling Madison land parcels.

The Madison market already has a significant foothold in a number of fast-growing industries that require large-footprint facilities—including education,  bioscience and healthcare.

There is a joy in living and working in a walkable, urban environment, near schools, restaurants, movies, groceries, and shops, making residential real estate equally as promising, with developments sprawling beyond the Dane county suburbs into the plains. If your investment plans include undeveloped land, mixed-use sites or infill projects, we encourage you to consult the Artisan Graham Real Estate team.



Have a land parcel or development site to sell? Whether it’s urban or rural, pristine or in progress, you’ll enjoy the support of our custom marketing campaign to get your listing in front of the largest number of qualified Denver real estate buyers.



Whether you’re considering an undeveloped land parcel, a mixed-use property or a redevelopment project, you’ll have access to the insight of our proprietary database plus the deep industry knowledge of our expert brokers.

Land Development

Looking for a specific kind of site to get your already-planned development under way? The Artisan Graham Real Estate team will work with you find the land parcel that meets the short- and long-term needs of your project.

Land Infill Process

Infill is the process of developing vacant or under-utilized parcels within existing urban areas.

Infill development has excellent benefits, including:

  • Bringing new vitality to older neighborhoods

  • Removing blighted properties

  • Provides healthy energy-efficient new buildings

  • Creates density which lessens the need the need for single occupant cars and increases the use of mass transit

  • Increases money for existing schools

  • Provides money for existing parks and infrastructure

  • Offers a wide range of housing choices other than the single family home

The Madison area is a particularly great area for infill development, making Artisan Graham Real Estate one of the best resources in southern Wisconsin.

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