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Image by Jacqueline Kelly

Checklist for Home Buyers

Buying a home is a complicated and often confusing process. This “Contract to Close” checklist helps you keep track of all the details.

In This Section

  1. | Contract signed and dated

  2. | Earnest money given

  3. | Make loan application and provide lender with all requested documents ASAP

  4. | Instruct lender to order appraisal

  5. | Keep lender Good Faith Estimate to compare to final closing documents

  6. | DO NOT MAKE MAJOR PURCHASES that could change loan ratios and jeopardize loan

  7. | Get a home inspection and negotiate repairs

  8. | Termite Inspection

  9. | Septic Inspection if applicable 

  10. | Other inspections – radon, mold, structural

  11. | Give all contract documents to closing agent/attorney and set up closing date/time

  12. | Ask closing agent  how you should bring funds to close – wire/ cashier’s check

  13. | Inform closing attorney if Power of Attorney, death certificates, other docs are required

  14. | Get an estimate from moving company and get on the books

  15. | Get utility information from seller and call utilities to arrange for transfer

  16. | Ask for repair receipts

  17. | Change address for mail, newspaper and magazine subscriptions

  18. | Obtain property insurance

  19. | Make arrangements for key transfer and garage door openers at closing

  20. | Confirm with closing agent and lender that everything is set for close and loan approved

  21. | Review Preliminary HUD (settlement statement) 24-hrs prior to close if possible

  22. | Close.  Closing company records the deed and the home is YOURS!

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